Question for Presidential Candidates about Public Broadband

The site is gathering video questions for presidential candidates. Think of it as a truly democratic YouTube debate without CNN. There are two phases. Round one: 1. You ask a video question to the presidential candidates. 2. You vote on the best questions. 3. The top ten questions get selected. This part ends on November 14. Round two: 1. The top ten questions are presented to the candidates. 2. Candidates post their video answers. 3. You decide if they actually answered the questions. That part starts November 17 and ends December 31.

Here is my question and video:
If you become president what would you do to support the creation of publicly owned broadband? By both municipalities and community groups.

Go add yours now! Its your chance to participate directly. This is how our 21st century democracy should operate!

BTWRuby has a video question up on and about transparency.

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