Converge South 2007

Converge South 2007, Greensboro, NC
Going to try and do updates throughout the day. Not live blogging really. Just the bits that strike me as interesting.

9:00 AM – Just finished coffee and deserts after getting my name tag. Now we’re at the intro session where Sue Polinsky is welcoming us.


Jason Calacanis with Ed Cone. Seems the basis for Mr. Calacnis new venture Mahalo is that there is too much info on the web. Thus we need “experts” who are “real humans” to help us search it. Sounds good to me. But to assume that “80 to 90%” of info on the web is junk is absurd. This over simplification just doesn’t take into the billions of separate opinions people have all over the world. Each of us has many different ideas about what is good info and what is bad info. Though its really important to fact check. There are facts in the world. But I would argue they aren’t as imperial as some would believe. Everything can be challenged. Even gravity.

Panel Discussions

Step by Step
Dan Conover, Will Bunch, Joe Killian (moderator)
Three smart journalists who get it. They are the future right now. Simulating commentary huh? What something better? Read what others are writing here and here.

We Agree to Disagree
Ruby Sinreich, Chris Rabb, Dan Conover (moderator)

Ruby starts off by asking how many people in the room are pro or student journalists. “Good now I don’t have to lecture you.” Snarky laughs in the room. I see her remarks as a form of tough love. Shes beautifully direct. But ya know I’m biased.

Short overview
Best part of CS2007 Friday was talking to people. Many opportunities to catch up with folks I haven’t seen since the last time I made it to this event. The sessions where pretty good. I learned a lot.

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