PePe aka Second Hand Clothing

Check out this cool documentary about clothing called Secondhand (Pepe). Its by Hanna Rose Shell and Vanessa Bertozzi.

Secondhand (Pepe) is a 24min tri-lingual documentary about the role of used clothing in diaspora cultures. Filmmakers Shell & Bertozzi weave two narratives into a visual and sonic journey. The historical memoir of a Jewish immigrant rag picker intertwines with the present-day story of “pepe” – secondhand clothing that flows from the United States to Haiti. Secondhand (Pepe) animates the materiality of recycled clothes: their secret afterlives and the unspoken connections among people in an era of globalization.

My Citizen News on Youtube

YouTube just announced their Citizen News “channel”. Its supposed to demo some of the best citizen journalism on their site. In this intro video they featured The “Bad Ass” Uptake! with a small amount of my video! Go 1 minute and 26 seconds into the vid and you’ll see Kirk Ross of The Carrboro Citizen. Its part of my video of the Obama/Super Chunk/Arcade Fire rally I shot and edited for The Uptake!

Gota say I’m jazzed to be small time Internet famous if only for a few seconds. To me this is MUCH bigger than being on TV. (thanks to @podcastmama for sharing this news with me via Twitter.)

I remain skeptical about the future of citizen journalism. Now that its mainstream like ReadWriteWeb is blogging about… when will it be co-opted? Has it already? Remember underground music called Indy Rock? When it was co-opted by record labels they destroyed its cool in record time.

Much more is at stake here than cool. The past seven years have told us what happens when journalistic integrity and good values get bought by war mongers more interested in profit than human life.

Sorry to harsh yer mellow. I’m still excited that creative people like me can share our labor of love with the world. All without the expense that broadcast corporations shoulder. Citizen content is king! 🙂

My Video on The Uptake

Yah! A video I shot and edited is on the fabulous Citizen Journalism site The Uptake. I love the video they make and have mucho respect for Chuck Olsen. (also of Minnesota Stories and Blogumentary fame) Check this video out!

From the progressive center of North Carolina comes this report from Brian Russell of He explores why music and politics go hand in hand, why young people get “it”, and how music can change the world.

On Friday May 2 the Obama campaign held a free get out the vote event called Change Rocks. On this day it was held in Carrboro, NC, a small town just west of Chapel Hill. The outdoor rock concert featured local indie rock band Superchunk and the hotness of the moment Arcade Fire. It was unseasonably warm and several thousand people showed up for this free event to rock out and vote.

Media Ignores Pentagon's Lies

Since the New York Times published the story Behind Military Analysts, the Pentagon’s Hidden Hand media like CNN, Fox News, and others have completely ignored this serious scandal. Watch this great video from Matt Thompson of about how our main stream American media really isn’t on our side. (Video via The Uptake.)

Update Turns out the Pentagon’s actions aren’t just unethical… they’re illegal!

Obama in Raleigh

Yesterday I watched the Obama Town Hall event in Raleigh live. Didn’t make it there in person but I saw it via a live web cast on Big thanks to Wayne Sutton for being there to share this with us. You can watch a copy of the video here.

Yeah the audio isn’t so great and the camera is shaky but so what. By the end of the event over 600 people “tuned in” at the same time and 45 people chatted together. The group experience made be feel as if I was there. The other chatters and I where together in a mutual experience that was funny, emotional, sarcastic, and thrilling.

To me it wasn’t about listening carefully to what Obama was saying at that moment. In my time-shifted audio and video world I expect to find a higher quality versions later. So for the moment I reveled in the virtual comradery of friends. Some I knew in person and others I met there.

Today there are lots of videos and analysis. The best recap of the Obama event was done by Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend. Read Wrap on the Raleigh Obama Town Hall. Pam also live blogged the event too.